Saturday, February 18, 2012

Whitney E. Houston . 1963-2012


I hope Whitney is in a better place now, but I also hope she can see this I am seeing right now. Her memorial service. Her life, through her songs, touched mine at times and it made a difference. And it did so to so many in so many ways, deep, meaningful ways... Listening to the testimonials in speech and song at her service, witnessing the feelings overflow in a way only possible in the New Hope baptist church where her voice was born to the world, so intense and respectful and solemn... It makes the true extent of this loss dawn on me as it dawns on millions of people all over the world who share the same kind of bond with Whitney, regardless of its form.

I hope Whitney is in a better place now. And over there, wherever it may be, her voice will still sound good enough, like Kevin just said. And it still sounds good enough for me right here, and always will. To those trying to diminish her life, her accomplishments and that voice, even as her body lies on the floor of that church, I just say shut up and show some respect. I promise you when your turn comes to lie on some floor somewhere, waiting to be turn to dust, you won't have to worry about people diminishing you.

Rest in peace, Whitney Elizabeth Houston. You will be missed.

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