Monday, May 9, 2011

In a nutshell...

Shadow, shadow on the wall...

Yesterday was Mother's Day - to my mother, in Portugal, it has always been on December 8, now it's any given first Sunday of May and they call it "mothers day" - emphasis on the plural - we had a saying in Portugal that went "Mom there's only one!" but apparently not anymore - and a week ago a SEAL team killed Osama Bin Laden but none of this makes us forget the crisis; here, as in Portugal, the long and slow but relentless march towards social-corporatism goes on. Bye-bye socialism, bye-bye capitalism... I must admit that transforming with a single stroke all of the middle class - liberal or conservative - into ideological orphans is brilliant but anyway... Moving on.
The hummingbirds are back, the ground is ready for one more tomato plantation, the trees regain their spring splendor, the cat is accepting well the old lady dog that will stay with us for a while, the "boat" glides smoothly with a new set of Michelin and, finally, the Sun is shinning and it's hot out - yes because, this year, the snow shovels and salt buckets only returned to the basement in mid April.
In a nutshell, life goes on... As does the fight.

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