Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bliss of another kind...

Today I had (yet another) nice surprise from my wife. (*)
I was immerse in the real-time Twitter hash feed #iranelection when I noticed a direct message from here - DMs are a private message system between twitters that follow each other. It only contained a link and the exclamation "Taaaa Daaaa!".

Following the link I found a new blog she authors! I still have a smile stamped on my face. Here's the link to it and, of course, Histerycal Roots is now on J&H's Blogosphere watch.
Welcome to the blogosphere, my darling.
May the hysterical roots grow and prosper!

Tori Amos . Bliss . Best Of Tori Amos

* The image is a sketch from my 2007 Moleskine diary. Easy to figure out who it is.
[simulpost002/09: here in portuguese (in A Sombra)]

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